Rangers Were On A Friggin' Breakaway

懸賞 2013年 05月 08日 懸賞

All the Ranger players leaving the ice, were clearly within 5 feet of the bench and nowhere near the play. I think it was the right call made on the ice. In this wholesale jerseys circumstance the Rangers should have been awarded a penalty shot. That Caps player can't break up a play like that.

It was called right for the Rangers cheap jerseys for sale. I don't see why Caps fans are so flustered by the calls. I didn't hear them complaining in game 1. The 3rd goal they scored should never happened after a Ranger player with the puck was pulled down causing him to lose the puck. The Caps cheap hockey jerseys got 5 or 6 PP chances at the VC. The Caps got away with murder in their building and now the Rangers got the calls in theirs. The difference is the Refs let so many calls go in games 1 & 2.

Their extra player came on and broke up the 2 on 1. Our extra players were nowhere near the play until the other players go on the bench. Not saying it's the right call but it's why it got the refs attention to the Caps capitals jersey extra player.



by myfunnysoccer | 2013-05-08 17:05 | NHL

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